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Welcome to the June 30th edition of Sounds of Home!


‘Tis Vossevangen that I will choose, and live among the hills of clover;
There all the boys wear their polished shoes, with little jacket buttons silvered over.
Be-ribboned girls dancing there are found, their braids are reaching almost to the ground;
Yes, it is true, when I tell you, ’tis beautiful in Vossevangen!

Upon the hillside are berries sweet, ‘mid hazel brush, oaks and birches;
The little goats leap with nimble feet, the river through the valley rushes.
The smell of earth and the sigh of trees, and songs of birds float upon the breeze.
Yes, it is true, when I tell you, ’tis beautiful in Vossevangen!

Along the water the willows grow; a fairy lives over yonder.
The summer days never seem to slow, for ev’ry hour is filled with wonder.
The waters murmur, the fairy sings; and from a thrush a bell-like greeting rings.
Yes, it is true, when I tell you, ’tis beautiful in Vossevangen!

Text: Carsen Hauch, composite translation
Music: N.P. Hillebrand

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Our upcoming theme is “imagine”

If you have a response to this theme – whether a story or memory, original piece of writing or poetry, music, radio drama, or one-liner – the sky’s the limit – between 5 seconds and 5 minutes in length – or if you would like to guest host or lead a song to sing together — we’re eager to hear from you!

To submit a response, please make an audio recording and send it to Molly,
or send in a written response to be read aloud on the program.

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Deadline for submissions is Monday night, July 6th.

Sounds of Home will be taking a break the week of July 14th.
Programing will resume again July 21st.

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    Thank you Molly.

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    Loved all of it!

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