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Welcome to the June 23rd edition of Sounds of Home!

We Hike Over Dew-Freshened Hills

We hike over dew freshened hills, hills, hills,
Like emeralds they sparkle in the rills, rills, rills,
We banish ev’ry care, and with songs we fill the air
As we hike over dew freshened hills.

The song of the forest is strong, strong, strong,
It peals out like an organ loud and long, long, long,
And all our daily fretting we soon will be forgetting
As we join in the lilt of the song.

The old and the wise they may laugh, laugh, laugh,
So much of our knowledge is but chaff, chaff, chaff.
But who would then be singing to Spring, and praises bringing,
If we had their wisdom by half.

We happily hike hand in hand, hand, hand,
And go in search of youth’s eternal land, land, land.
The daily burdens lighten, a world we seek to brighten,
We wander in quest of that land.

Text: O. Thunmann, trans. by Marius Krog
Music: Swedish Folk Melody

One Little Word
(Unrequited Love through the Seasons)

by Henrik Strandskov
to the tune of En Sol På Fönsterrutan

The leaves lay thick and brittle,
October growing old;
How could one word – so little —
Such hurt and heartache hold?

When nights were cold and bitter,
I’d walk out in the snow;
The icy starts aglitter,
The only light I’d know.

I walked in springtime meadows,
A million flowers I passed,
But all I saw were shadows
Upon the blades of grass.

The summer birds above me
Sing sweetly all day long;
But, oh, if you still loved me,
I’d never need their song.

Water Lilies Glass Postcard — Photo by Mary Jensen
Butterfly Vase — Photo by Mary Jensen

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