Our Mission is to Experience, Celebrate, Live, and Share
the Good News of God in Christ Jesus.

Worship at West Denmark has moved out of the building.

Until we are able to sit next to each other and share fellowship and peace without the possibility of also sharing a dangerous virus, we have brought  worship to this website. More components will be added in the days and weeks to come, so keep checking in on your faith community in diaspora.

 Peace be with you in these quiet times.


Til Badet og Bordet,
(To Font and Table)

Til Bønnen og Ordet,
(To Prayer and Word)

Jeg Kalder Hver Søgende Sjæl.
(I Call Every Seeking Soul)

-Danish inscription on our early Church Bell

West Denmark is a safe place to worship, study, and build relationships with God and others, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, or cultural backgrounds.