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There’s No Grandma Just Like Mine

There’s no grandma just like mine
Anywhere, she is so fine.
You’ve not any? What a pity!
Yes, it is a pity!

Mine is sixty-six, they say.
I was six the other day;
So we two just fit together,
Very well together.

She tells stories while she knits;
One about a wicked witch,
One about a lovely princess,
Such a lovely princess.

Out of paper she cuts bears,
Horses, roosters, sheep and hares;
They can stand up on the table,
Right upon the table.

When I set them in a row,
And a little breath I blow,
Then they move like they were living,
Just like they were living.

Little songs she sings to me:
She can count to ninety-three;
She can knit such nice warm mittens,
Soft and woolly mittens.

There’s no Grandma just like mine
Anywhere. She is so fine.
You’ve not any? What a pity!
Yes, it is a pity.

Text: From the Norwegian, translated by S.D. Rodholm
Music: L. Nielsen

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One thought on “Sounds of Home — Spell

  • May 13, 2020 at 6:38 pm

    I remember Czechoslovakia! Second grade with Vicky Anderson one of my good friends.
    I love hearing the dulcimer, too!

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