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Welcome to the February 16th edition of Sounds of Home!

Funiculì, Funiculà
(A Merry Life)

Some think the world is made for fun and frolic,
And so do I! And so do I!
Some think it well to be all melancholic,
To pine and sigh; to pine and sigh;
But I, I love to spend my time in singing,
Some joyous song, some joyous song,
To set the air with music bravely ringing
Is far from wrong! Is far from wrong!
Harken, harken, music sounds a-far!
Harken, harken, with a happy heart!
Funiculì, funiculà, funiculì, funiculà!
Joy is everywhere, funiculì, funiculà!

Ah me! ’tis strange that some should take to sighing,
And like it well! And like it well!
For me, I have not thought it worth the trying,
So cannot tell! So cannot tell!
With laugh, with dance and song the day soon passes
Full soon is gone, full soon is gone,
For mirth was made for joyous lads and lasses
To call their own! To call their own!
Harken, harken, hark the soft guitar!
Harken, harken, hark the soft guitar!
Funiculì, funiculà, funiculì, funiculà!
Hark the soft guitar, funiculì, funiculà!

English Text: Edward Oxenford
Music: Luigi Denza

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One thought on “Sounds of Home – Party

  • February 16, 2021 at 3:53 pm

    Thank you Molly and Chris for these wonderful entertaining West Denmark happenings. I really appreciated what your Dad does for the blind. At first I thought how scary that would be and then realized maybe it would be better if I couldn’t see what was happening! Dan’s brother-in-law is blind for an unknown reason. When we would go out with him Dan needed to guide him everywhere. At Camp Ripley near Little Falls they have hunting for the blind. That would definitely be scary. Your Dad is a special person. The phone story is very funny. Thanks again for everything you do.

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