Sounds of Home – Key

Tuesdays at 2pm
Welcome to the November 3rd edition of Sounds of Home!

God, Thou Who Opened

God, Thou who opened the portals of light, Father of lights never failing!
Lord, at Thy throne is no shadow of night. Day, there, is ever prevailing.

Darkness defeated is fast using ground, Day in the East is ascending;
Faintly the starlight, as lamps burning down, Dies as the nighttime is ending

Hearty and hale we arose at the dawn; Praises and thanks we are bringing:
Thanks for Thy care through the night that is gone, Thanks for this day, now beginning.

Strengthen and help us that we may succeed; Bless every honest endeavor;
Thine is the power, and ours is the need; Savior, be with us forever.

Text: C.J. Brandt; trans. by S.D. Rodholm
Music: Aug. Winding

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Our upcoming theme is “bicycle”

If you have a response to this theme – whether a story or memory, original piece of writing or poetry, music, radio drama, or one-liner – the sky’s the limit –  or would like to guest host or lead a song to sing together, or have an item of “thanks” you would like to share,
we’re eager to hear from you!

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please make an audio recording and email it to Molly
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