Family Camp Registration 2022

Fees: We offer two options — full participation and daily plan. 
Full participation fees are shown in the gray grids below. Use them if campers wish to attend all 3 days.
If campers wish to attend 1 or 2 days, use the white sections of the grid.

Online Registration Form

Main Contact Information
Adults (Ages 12 & up) How many? Total Adults' Names
July 1-3 - Flat FeeFull Participation x$90
July 1 - DailyDaily Fee x$30
July 2 - DailyDaily Fee x$30
July 3 - DailyDaily Fee x$30
Children (Ages 5 - 11) How many? Total Children's Names
July 1-3 - Flat FeeFull Participation x$55
July 1 - DailyDaily Fee x$18
July 2 - DailyDaily Fee x$18
July 3 - DailyDaily Fee x$18
Birth to 4 and 100+ How many? Total Names & Ages
Free x$0
Total: $0
Check this box to use the Immediate
Family maximum of $250
Grand Total: $0
Check this box if anyone in your group has medically necessary dietary restrictions. You must contact Barb Kass (head cook) directly no later than June 15 to discuss your meal needs: or 715-554-3971
Check this box if everyone registered here agrees to abide by the Protocol outlined in the Brochure
Payment Method (choose one) I will mail a check I will pay now via PayPal