Harvest Fest

Welcome to Harvest Fest in the time of COVID-19! Click on a competition below to see the submissions! And, follow this link, or look under “New Posts,” to listen to the Harvest Fest edition of Sounds of Home (where you can hear the winners of the competitions announced).

Although we will, of course, not hold a Harvest Fest celebration in person at the Hall, and although it will be quite different from Harvest Fests of past years, we think we might be able to do a few modified, but fun “competitions” via the church website.

The competitions are as follows:

  1. Most Impressive Vegetable – submit a photo of a vegetable from your garden to be posted on the website.
  2. Favorite Fall Photo – submit your photograph of a beautiful Fall scene taken this year.
  3. Favorite Fall Recipe – submit your favorite recipe for a dish you love to eat in the Fall, not necessarily using ingredients from your garden.
  4. Fall Centerpiece – submit a photo of your creative table decoration using materials of the season.

The competitions will be judged by experts from our congregation via (anonymous) photos on the website.  The recipes will, of course, be judged by their appeal as written, not by tasting.

As we’re all aware, we recently lost a beloved member of WD, Erling Grumstrup.  Erling loved to eat (don’t we all?) and loved beautiful things.  In honor of him, prizes for winners of the competitions will be given a copy of Erling’s most favorite recipes.  With these prizes and with the recipes submitted for the competition (#3 above) we will all be eating very well during the year ahead.  

Centerpiece c. 2015

Sorely missed will be Randy Petersen at the head of the basement stairs with his offering basket.  Please consider making a donation to the church in appreciation of the bounty we enjoy during this season of harvest.  Please note on your donation that it is for Harvest Fest.

Results and other audio festivities are posted along with a special Sounds of Home episode here.

If anyone figures out how to play horseshoes online, please let us know (just kidding).